Ever heard of a ‘relaxation’ canned beverage? Well, we tried one this week. Austrian brand Tran Quini, if we go by the name, aims to make a more tranquil you. The ingredients include green tea extract, chamomile and lavender and it claims to reduce stress and anxiety, but without leaving you sleepy.

We were advised to try it chilled, so once it cooled down, we took a swig. At first taste, it reminded us of green tea, but infused with apple extracts. It was sweet, but not as much so, like the energy drinks in the market. It also lacked the fizz, which was good. But sometimes, it’s the sugar and fizz that give a drink its taste. This one fell a bit flat on that account, literally.

It took some time, but the relaxation did kind of seep in. Almost as if the body had unclenched. But we also did feel sleepy, which the drink assures you, you won’t. We were left looking for our pillows, so we suggest you don’t try
this at work.

Cost: Rs 95
Available at: departmental stores