Six-month-old Indian baby fights for her life after ninth surgery in Dubai

Dubai: A six-month-old Indian baby is fighting for her life at a hospital here after being operated nine times for multiple complications due to her premature birth. Safa, weighing only 580 grams, was born three months premature to Sheerain and Nasir Khan, through a C-section surgery on November 2, 2013, Gulf News reported.

During her second week, baby Safa underwent a heart surgery along with an injection treatment for her eyes after blindness became a possibility. She then suffered an intestinal infection a few months after being born. "She had six surgeries during her first six months. They had to give her injections for her eyes and she had laser surgery.

She also had another surgery to remove her left hernia and four other surgeries for her intestines," said Sheerain. With at least one more scheduled surgery, the Indian couple's hospital bills have surpassed USD 1,27,433 and will only continue to increase in the next few months.

Finally she was released from hospital on March 23, Safa was taken home for two months before she was readmitted to the hospital on May 24. "The intestinal infection recurred and it affected her liver," Sheerain said. She has been operated on twice and had her third surgery yesterday. "She was unconscious but is now awake and stable.

The doctors said she will be in hospital in an incubator for observation for six weeks," said Sheerain. During the sixth month of her pregnancy, Sheerain suffered from high blood pressure and was told by her gynaecologist that she needed to undergo an emergency C-section to deliver the baby prematurely.



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