Six most common sex myths busted

Oct 19, 2011, 11:57 IST | Agencies

Despite creating a lot of awareness people are still sexually misinformed, and now a sex educator and relationship expert has debunked some of the myths surrounding the clandestine aspect of an individual's life.

Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright, the founder of Sexuality Source Inc, has shed light on six common sex myths, reports Fox News

Viagra is 100 percent effective: Fulbright wrote that men bearing this notion needed to think again because a desire component is needed for males to become sexually aroused and attain erection.

A virgin's hymen always breaks: The second myth debunked in the report was that the presence of a hymen is an indicator that a female is a virgin, and it is broken she has intercourse.

The expert said that this might not happen with every girl, and since girls are born with hymens of various sizes and openings, some might appear to have no hymen at all.

Fulbright also said that some girls might have their hymen stretched from activities like bicycling or horseback riding.

Withdrawal = Good Birth Control: Fulbright said that pregnancy could occur any time unprotected sex was had, whether or not a male had climaxed.

Thus, according to the expert, withdrawal is not recommended as a form of birth control, especially for males who are sexually inexperienced.

Oral sex is safe sex: The notion that oral sex does not pose risk for sexually transmitted diseases was debunked by Fulbright

Women can't get pregnant if they are not ovulating: According to the expert, it was not true.

Pill protect against STDs: Lastly, Fulbright debunked the myth that contraceptive pills protect against STDs. The expert said that such pills provide protection only from pregnancy, adding that it's the condom that can protect against STDs when sexually active.


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