Six television characters that are known for their impeccable style

May 23, 2016, 11:37 IST | mid-day online correspondent

There have been shows over the years that have made their mark by paying attention to the finer details. Be it the nuances of the character's speech or the hairstyles that they sport. Some shows have gone beyond the usual and created characters that became imprinted in our minds. A character hewn with rough edges might not appeal to the more discerning audience of today.

Here's a look at some of the shows and their characters that have nailed those looks!

1. 'Suits'
The dapper Harvey Reginald Specter played by Gabriel Macht, and Michael James "Mike" Ross played by Patrick J. Adams, their form fitting suits are a result of the painstaking efforts of Jolie Andreatta, the show's designer. Harvey's personal closet holds around 30 suits – his character typically wears up to 10 different looks each episode – with new styles constantly being added to keep up with current menswear trends.

2. 'Game of Thrones'
Game of Thrones

The show has a propensity of being quite zealous in getting the character's appearance right and one such example is of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) in which her platinum blonde wig is made of human hair and is up to 2 feet (61 cm) in length. The cost is a whopping USD 7000 each and they are washed and styled like real hair. Even applying the wigs is a herculean task for example, Emilia Clarke requires about two hours to style her brunette hair with a platinum-blonde wig.

3. 'Arrow'

Typically any superhero show involves paying close attention to fine details and keeping the authenticity of the character. 'Arrow' is no stranger to that. In order to keep the wisecracking superhero, Green Arrow true to his roots the show's designer Maya Mani has radically altered the costume to make it look closer the comic book Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), complete with the cut sleeves and green hues.

4. 'Alias'

Alias was known for its plethora of hairstyles, Michael Reitz, the show's hairstylist was also nominated for best hairstyles in a show for the Emmys five years on a trot. The lead character of Sydney Bristow sported some of the most memorable looks on TV. A colossal 5000$ was spent on Sydney's wig (played by Jennifer Garner) for every episode.

5. 'American Horror Story'
American Horror Story

Pop icon Lady Gaga made her small-screen debut on 'American Horror Story'. She plays bloodthirsty hotel owner Countess Elizabeth. Lady Gaga has caught the eyeballs with her costumes that have been custom-created by Michael Costello and Ashi Studio. The show's costume designer, Lou Eyrich, partnered with the eminent designers, and also worked with Emmy-nominated designer Michael Schmidt for Gaga's intricate silver glove that made the viewer's gasp.
'American Horror Story' has been renewed for a new season.

6. 'Fargo'

'Fargo', the FX series stars Kirsten Dunst as she reprises her role as Peggy who sports the 70's look. According to show designer Carol Case a huge quantity of vintage stuff was bought and used for the show and she went all out to source every accessory that Dunst adorned to complete the 70s look accurately. Sometimes, she even went out of her way to further accessorize the vintage clothes and ornaments elaborately to ensure that a lot of attention was paid to every detail of her costume.

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