The previous punishment was three years in jail and a minimum fine of Rs 5,000

A person found guilty of cow slaughter in Madhya Pradesh will now face imprisonment of seven years, against the earlier three, and a minimum fine of Rs 5,000.

The government had passed the Amendment Bill in the Assembly in 2010 to strengthen the existing cow slaughter prohibition Act (Madhya Pradesh Gauvansh Pratishedh Adhiniyam 2004) and forwarded it to the Union Home Ministry  in 2010.

The bill received the Presidential assent and was published in the Madhya Pradesh gazette on December 31, 2011. The Act will soon come into force through an official notification.

The amended Act provides that no person shall slaughter or cause to slaughter or offer for slaughter any cow progeny by any means.

The amended Act also covers transporters and their agents. No person, including a transporter, shall transport or offer to transport or cause to be transported any cow progeny, either by himself or through an agent, servant or any other person acting on his behalf, within the state or outside it, with the knowledge that the calf would be or was likely to be slaughtered.

Besides, the Act provides that any police officer not below the rank of head constable or anyone authorised by a competent authority shall have the power of entry, inspection, search and seizure and to present the case in court.