This is precisely what minister Somanna believes after being attacked by a supporter within the Vidhana Soudha; astrologers claim that being hit with slippers at a certain time of day brings good fortune to the victim

Saturday's slipper attack on a minister inside the corridors of the Vidhana Soudha shows the extent some will go to show dislike for their fellow men for promises not kept. However, to the superstitious bunch among the lot, astrological guidance can make them swallow the embarrassment or even their pride and go to any extent to make the best of everything.

Rude reminder? B S Prasad attacked Housing Minister Somanna on
Saturday for failing to keep a promise. Pic/Satish Badiger

According to Daivajna Somayaji, a high profile astrologer, it is not necessary that a slipper beating should be seen as negative, since it depends on the time and place of the occurrence and it could even bring good luck to the victim.

Housing Minister V Somanna was the target of the B S Prasad's slipper-gate, and though the incident may take him a lifetime to get over, several astrologers in the city say that it might be good news for him. The attack came from Prasad, who claims to have supporters, at around 11.45 am in the corridors of the Vidhana Soudha because he was allegedly upset at Somanna for not keeping his promise to nominate him to the BBMP council.

Prasad is believed to have said in the police statement that his slipper-victim had taken money after assurances of getting him the post of nominated BBMP councilor.

Didn't see it coming?
After persistent reminders failed to have any effect on Somanna, Prasad encountered the minister in the corridor after a meeting held at the former's office chamber, and attacked him with his slippers. The police took the attacker into custody for questioning, after which he was produced before the magistrate, who remanded him to police custody for three days.

"We are questioning Prasad to find out the motive behind the attack. Sine the incident has happened in the Vidhana Soudha, it is being viewed as a security issue and we have taken it seriously," said a senior police officer.

Based on the time of the incident, T M Krishnamurthy, a well-known astrologer, analysed the incident and said that it would bring Somanna good fortune since he was struck on the left side of his face at that precise time.

"We can say it has happened for his good because planetary movements shows it occurred to awaken him from ignorance. The logic is that he would learn a lesson and not repeat the wrong done, if any. His behaviour with people will improve and it will bring him good luck," he said.

He added that at the time of occurrence, the Moon was in transit in the star Anuradha, while Saturn was gazing upon it. Since the Moon and Venus were at a lower position with Saturn gazing, it would bring some wisdom to the minister.

Somayaji said that Somanna cannot simply take what has happened for granted though the indications are good. The astrologer said that he would now have to perform some rituals to ward off the evils and to invite good fortune. Somayaji added that the minister would be meeting him today morning for advice.

Coming clean
"He has to come here after having a head bath and before having breakfast. There are some rituals to be performed, which I don't want to share with you," he said.

A visibly upset Somanna said he would follow Somayaji's advice.

"The blessings of holy men are important and I will meet him to seek guidance. I am hurt, but Somayaji has instilled confidence in me," he added.

However, Siddaramiah, leader of the opposition in the legislative assembly has ridiculed the move as a suppositious step taken by the minister. "The message from the incident is loud and clear - you have to face the music if you wrong the people. This is the lesson to be learned. Do you need astrology to understand this?" he said.