Sly thief takes 'loo break', avoids arrest

Spotting cops on their tail, the driver halted the vehicle and fled, while the unsuspecting accomplices were nabbed

A gang of robbers was in for a rude shock when their driver's loo break led to their arrest.
The five thieves were on their way to loot a jewellery store, when the driver spotted a police vehicle on its trail.

He halted the vehicle on the pretext of going to the loo, and escaped. Minutes later, a police jeep pulled up next to waiting gang members and arrested them.

The Dharavi police arrested Jalauddin Khan (21), Irshat Ulla Khan (21), Raja alias Mirza Shaikh (24), residents of Pune and Santosh Ramachandra Yadav (20), resident of Dharavi. The one that escaped was later  identified as Ravi Waliyar.

"During our investigation, it came to light that Waliyar was driving the car and they were planning to rob P P Jewellers, on 90 Feet Road," said a police officer from Dharavi police station.

"We spotted Yadav, a known offender, and started following the vehicle. The driver saw us in the rear view mirror and started to speed up. After some time, he halted his car and disappeared," said the police officer. 
He added that they seized a knife, some chilly powder and a sword from the car.

"When we surrounded the car they were listening to music. They were taken by surprise when we caught them. They then realised that Waliyar had sensed trouble and fled, leaving them high and dry," said the officer.

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