While there is an insatiable list of foods for every mood, we put our taste buds and memories to work and came up with our very own Bitstrip for the monsoon soul.

If you’re in the mood to make your own connections, go ahead. And, if you’re too moody to think, just give our picks a try:

Mumbai monsoon special: Reign in the rains

Stressed on monday morning

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

It’s your right to sin. Hot chocolate topped with extra cream is recommended. If you want to go easy on the sugar high, try lightly-fried pancakes in maple syrup

Irritated, caught a cold?

Nothing works like a bowl of lemon-ginger-coriander soup. If that is not your cup of soup, it’s the perfect excuse to down a shot of brandy

Relaxed, it’s raining on sunday

Smuggle in some friends, it’s Brazil on TV. Pakodas and fries anyone?

Let’s party! The meeting cancelled

Bring on the fried chicken wings and beer, we say!

Wet and tired, just reached home

May we suggest a glass of warm water and brandy (or rum) before you dig into the steaming khichdi?