Snake eats crocodile after five-hour battle at Australian lake

Queensland: A five-hour battle between a snake and a crocodile, ended with the 10ft python eating its vanquished opponent in Queensland, Australia.

Making a snack of it: The snake constricted itself around the metre-long crocodile and later swallowed the animal whole. Pic/AFP

The extraordinary bout testing the animals’ strength and endurance took place at Lake Moondarra, near Mount Isa, and drew quite a crowd from people having breakfast nearby.

python eats crocodile
The snake swallowing the crocodile at Queensland's Lake Moondarra. Photo: AFP

The snake coiled itself around the crocodile while both were in the water, but the smaller reptile was able to keep its head in the air and stay alive.

Eventually the metre-long crocodile succumbed to exhaustion, and what some witnesses said may have been up to five hours of constriction, at which point it was dragged out onto dry land.

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    • Kishore07-Mar-2014

      The snake could not possibly have 'eaten' the crocodile. Another instance of a headline blunder. Snake as also the Crocodile, could have only swallowed each other whole, not eaten as they cannot chew!! In fact, unlike the crocodile, the snake does not even have teeth! It is in order to be able to swallow its prey, that the snake opens its mouth wide by unlocking its jaws. Alas, all of this is cannot be expected to be known to your journalist low on erudition.

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