Sign up for a pictorial tour of locations across the US and Sri Lanka through artist Jyoti Tamhane's canvases that are currently on display at Jehangir Art Gallery

When artist Jyoti Tamhane (57) visited her son in the US, she went on a sight seeing tour across the country. It left a profound impression on her. On long winter evenings when she looked at options to keep herself occupied, she took solace in painting. The sights and sounds of locations that she had visited in Indiana, Detroit, Los Angeles and Nevada had found new meaning in her canvases.

An Italian restaurant located in Detroit's Auburn Hills where new customers
are welcomed with red roses

About 65 acrylic paintings of hers are currently on display at the Jehangir Art Gallery. It also includes images of places in Sri Lanka, which she visited along with her husband. Titled Glimpses of Faraway Lands, the exhibition marks the artist's return to the art circuit after a brief sabbatical.

Monument Valley in Arizona which consists of sandstone clusters; it is
part of a Navajo Native American tribal park

While Tamhane has studied commercial art at the CN College of Fine Art in Gujarat, she also did an interior designing course from the National Institute of Design. Over the years, she has participated in select solo and group exhibitions. But her trip to the United States was a learning experience that inspired her to return to her passion.

"It was the variety in landscapes that was striking; from arid lands to gorgeous valleys and snow-capped mountains, there is such diversity of colour, seasons and experiences. Also it's the people that are the essence of a particular place and that's why I chose to portray the monks in Sri Lanka in some of my paintings,"
says Tamhane.

While she took numerous photographs for reference while painting, she also carried her sketch book along on these journeys. "I create thumbnail images of the spots that impress me and then in my studio, I re-visit the sketches for details and reproduce them on a larger canvas," she adds.

Her figurative and landscape paintings include plenty of warm tones, reflective of the bonhomie and warmth that the artist experienced in her travels. The highlights of the exhibition include her painting of Arizona's Monument Valley sandstone clusters and images of mask makers in Sri Lanka.
Till: Today at Jehangir Art Gallery, MG Road, Kala Ghoda.