So long, 2014

Dec 29, 2014, 07:12 IST | Fiona Fernandez

Fiona FernandezThe last column of 2014 means a bit of nostalgia, a few reality checks and loads of hope for our beloved city in 2015. Naturally, we couldn’t resist a recap of what clicked for us in the Maximum City in the year that went by

>> The city’s cultural calendar threw up an interesting mix of festivals — musical, dance, film and literature; there were children-themed events even, as well as neighbourhood-driven initiatives to ensure that nobody was left out

>> More awareness — never has a year witnessed a more awakened junta. Whether it was LGBT rights, women’s safety, education, public transport and even community causes, the common man was at the fore, and was heard, too, thankfully

>> Opening up of new venues — it warmed our hearts, and gave us hope as well. New spaces for live shows, gigs, festivals, and events made us smile, and we keep our fingers crossed that people and companies loosen their purse strings and open their mindsets to refreshing ideas and more venues that this city deserves so richly

>> The year of the alternate thinker — from books to music, fashion, studios, art and design, and merchandise, it was the year of the alternate, off-beat, edgy ideas-wallah. We loved it. And would love to see more of it in 2015

>> Foodies of all kinds — from the gourmands to the gurus of rasta fare — were smacking their lips at the choices that were thrown up in the city. We could do with more. We live to eat, remember?

>> While we got a fleeting glance of a few international performers across the arts, books, and music, we would love a cooler line-up, to groove to a more rocking 2015.
On that hopeful, heady note, let’s ring out the old, ring in the new, and cheer for a happier, cleaner and safer Mumbai in 2015.

The writer is Features Editor of mid-day

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