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Jan 04, 2012, 08:10 IST | Avantika Patil

The family that watches TV together, stays together. Like all families, the Khan-khandan would also have endless fights over the remote, reminices Soha Ali Khan. And not much has changed since then. Even now, Soha and boyfriend Kunal (Khemu) keep fighting over their choice of serials and films. While Kunal likes to see American series and a lot of Hindi content, Soha loves her British crime shows and thrillers. She tells CS her love for television:

Who: Soha Ali Khan
What: Talking about all that she likes watching on TV
Where: At her Khar residence

The big fight
While growing up, our family loved fighting over the remote. My father would want to watch news, my mother would be interested in what Barkha Dutt had to say, my sister was interested in the Star World shows, while I was the one for Discovery. One of Saif's favourite series while growing up was Remington Steele, and I remember, that we would often pause an episode and enact the character. It was fun but bhai and I never had fights, as he was 10 years older to me. My sister and I have argued a lot over TV, as we shared the same bedroom.

Luckily now, Kunal and I like watching the same kind of content on TV. But the fights start when I put a British show. He thinks it's boring and slow. And he also finds the accent annoying. He prefers his fast-paced American series. He also watches a lot of trailers and Bollywood trade news again and again. I tune off at that time. We have had our fights over Bollywood films that he can watch time and again with the same interest. I can't do that. So, whenever he is out, I watch my favourite British series.

The smaller picture
Unlike Mumbai, Delhi where I grew up, was never obsessed with films. We had to do a lot of things than to just sit in front of the idiot box. I have always been fond of TV, but when we were younger television was a bad word. We were pushed more towards pursuing extra curricular activities, outdoor sports and hobbies like reading. We had so much to do. We would play so many outdoor games in a huge garden in front of our house. We didn't have to rely on the TV for entertainment.

Show time
But in the last one year, I have seen more TV than ever before. I take full responsibility when I say that television is a good thing. I have my own set limits. There have been times when I have cut off from the world outside for three days, have put on my pyjamas and watched Sex in the City for hours together. It is unhealthy but its fun to do once in a while. But I make sure this doesn't become a lifestyle.

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