Emotions are running high and tension has spiked over the killing of five Indian soldiers in an ambush along the disputed border in Kashmir on Tuesday.

While this is a huge tragedy and loss, one must look carefully at political parties swooping down on this incident to make capital of it. People would be wise not to be swayed by statements of outrage being mouthed by our netas over this attack, as they are simply finding an opportunity to score over each other.

Perhaps a better way to show their concern and anger is to see that the families of these young men who have given their lives for the nation, do not suffer, are well compensated monetarily and do not feel that the lives of their loved ones were in vain.

In fact, some days ago, this paper had carried a piece on a former Kargil war veteran. This Indian soldier who had lost his leg in enemy action stated that the toughest enemy for a soldier was not the army of the enemy country, or even terrorists, but those within a country who have brought down the name of the nation by indulging in numerous scams. One only had to read between the lines to realise how our men in uniform view those in kursis. It is telling that they think of them as more of a threat to the nation than those from enemy countries.

What all these leaders are doing about Services pay scales? Are they helping in motivating young people, especially urban youth to join the forces? Are they helping to attest the shortfall? Politicians would use their time and influence better to up the standards and morale of our men in uniform, who show their love for the country through sacrifice, instead of shouting in Parliament.