Somdev holds court

Tennis isn't the only thing that he plays. Somdev Devvarman also plays the guitar really well. Surprise surprise, he's even composed 12 songs and counting. And he's always had a muse, though he refrains from telling us how many. Well these days, the guy's on a song, having advanced to the second round of the Malaysian Open. Somdev, who is as interesting as the sport he plays, talks to CS about his passions: 

Who: Somdev Devvarman
What: Talking about his love for music, fans and on-court fashion

Band bajao
I'm a complete music buff and listen to everything from rock to acoustic rock to Jazz to blues. Dave Mathhews Band, Oasis, U2, Jam Band, John Mayor and Jack Johnson would have to be some of my favourite artists. In fact, I also play the acoustic guitar and compose songs. My numbers have a blues feel, something like the Jack Johnson tracks. They're sometimes written for a specific person. I always like to have a muse, you see (blushes). When I have a song idea, I quickly jot it down on my smart phone. Then when I am with the guitar, I figure out the chord progression and come up with a melody. I was a part of a band while in college and we would perform at the local bars. In fact, if I weren't a tennis player, I would probably have pursued music professionally.

I'm a sports enthusiast, and my passion isn't just restricted to tennis. From cricket to football, I love to play different sports. And I'm rather competitive, even when I'm playing Scrabble or Pool. I just hate to lose, unless of course, I have my little cousin for an opponent (laughs). So I keep accusing everyone of cheating. Unfortunately, I can't do that on court. Who doesn't like winning, especially when you have the entire nation watching you. In 2009, I had my first tryst with fame. Till then I had never seen myself as a celebrity, but a regular kid who also played tennis. But after winning an important match in Chennai, I was stunned to see locals climbing on cars and pushing barricades etc to get a glimpse of me. Since then I guess I have managed to make a few fans, including girls. They keep sending me these funny messages on Facebook, and how can I forget the pokes (laughs).

On court fashion
I mean if you're a girl, tennis' one sport that will give you enough scope to look really pretty. So you have many players making a statement through their earrings and their see-through dresses. Where us men are concerned, we like dressing well too on court. Knowing that you're looking good, boosts your performance. But I believe in comfort. Anyway winning is hard enough, you can't have uncomfortable clothes making the job harder! I think Roger Federer is among the best dressed guys on court. Rafael (Nadal) is great too, now that he's abandoned his capris. (Maria) Sharapova of course, is everyone's favourite Maria Kirilenko is beautiful and very tall. The William sisters are always outlandish in the way they dress. And rumour has it that they design their own clothes! I sometimes wonder how it all stays on (laughs)!

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