Some adrenaline for our desi riders

Nov 11, 2011, 06:56 IST | Shashank Shekhar

A freestyle motocross event will be organised on November 26 in Gurgaon, which will see six international riders challenge gravity like never seen before

The Formula One games have opened gates for motorsports in India. You may have seen freestyle motocross in Hollywood flicks like Ghost Rider and Charlie's Angels, but this month you can catch live action for the first time, in Gurgaon.

Take it, newton: There will be a 15-foot dirt ramp for bikers and the
bikes will fly around 60-80 feet high. The event will be held at Leisure
Valley in Gurgaon. representative pic

'Forget F-1'
Gurgaon will host a daredevil freestyle motocross event on November 26 as the stunt legends arrive on Leisure Valley ground for Freestyle Moto XXX 2011. The organiser claims the adrenaline rush in this sport is higher than Formula One and will make the Indian audience get a glimpse of International X sports.

Fasten your seat belts
Six international riders will challenge gravity on their two wheelers, performing incredible stunts in the air. "What we are offering you is cocktail of action and excitement which will delight your senses. International riders will do what they do best and perform some incredible stunts and phenomenal air-tricks that are sure to leave you asking for more. Freestyle Moto XXX is an extreme entertainment event that will leave you on the edge of your seat asking yourself, "Did he really just do that?" We are making a 15-foot dirt ramp for the bikers and the bikes will fly around 60-80 feet high," said Taj Sehrawat, one of the event organisers.

"Every motocross rider will tackle jumps with complete freedom and perform tricks such as back flips, superman-seat-grab-rulers, kiss-of-death, turn downs and more death-defying stunts that will leave everyone astounded. This will be the first freestyle motocross event in north India. A freestyle stunt was once done in Bangalore in 2005, but we will offer more," explained Taj.

More and more X-sports
Extreme Sports Association of Indian (ESAI) has decided to take extreme sports to metropolitan cities in the country to raise awareness about the sports and attract more youth into its fold. Such sports were first seen on Indian soil during the Manipur tourism festival, an annual event, which was held in December last. The Manipur government has already approved of the sports and has also promised to provide space for practicing. Recently, Delhiites saw death-defying, gravity-challenging stunts and impossible angles were pulled off as if it were a routine thing, by international stunt biker Chris Pfeiffer. His stunts had him doing impossible manoeuvres without his hands on the handle-riding backwards, doing one-handed crossovers, fender grabs, touchdowns and what not! Pfeiffer, a German biker, for whom freestyle street biking is a passion, said, "My performance was not up to my usual standards, and the roads also seemed a bit slippery, but what a crowd it was! I totally enjoyed the experience just because of these people. They supported me all through my stunts. It was truly amazing."

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