Some Andheri residents likely to get muddy water for next 2-3 days

Mumbai's civic authorities have notified the residents of Andheri (west) over a possible supply of muddy water over the next two to three days. The reason being given for this is the Veravali-Versova water tunnel has been repaired and will be re-commissioned from December 1 onwards.

While the timings of the water supply is supposed to remain the same, the residents might face the problem of muddy water due to the newly repaired tunnel.

As a part of Mumbai III-A water supply projects, the 6.5km Veravali-Yari Road tunnel provides water to various supply zones in K West ward including Adarsh Nagar- Millat Nagar, Yari Road and Lokhandwala Complex. However, as the tunnel underwent repair a few days back, MCGM authorities, confirmed that it would be functional from December 1.

Considering the possibility of contamination, MCGM authorities have notified the residents of all the four residential colonies to filter and boil water before using. “Although adequate precautions are taken by MCGM, Citizens are likely to receive mud-covered water for 2-3 days. Citizens of these water supply zones are requested to filter and boil water before using it for drinking purpose,” said the concerned authorities in the public notification.

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