The BMC did what it could to soothe the offended sensibilities of some Santacruz residents, who complained that they had to put up with sights of pigs in the act of intercourse, thanks to an illegal piggery in the locality.

But pigs seem not to care for police complaints, nor public protocol; they just go the whole hog. The coition continues, albeit this time from the bigger creatures of the lot that the BMC found too heavy to carry away, or so they say.

Animal instincts: Following the complaints by the residents of Navyug
society, BMC officials took away some animals from the shed

Officials from H-East ward swung into action on September 23, of how Navyug housing society residents found pigs engaging in coition too obscene to be put up with. Following a complaint, the team went to the spot and picked up four-five pigs from the cowshed of Vishwanath Nair. But they could not take the big pigs away. It would be cruelty to animals if you maul them like that, animal rights activists told them. Priya Bandekar, secretary of the society, said, "Officials came to our area and picked up some buffalos and pigs. But the big pigs are still there and officials couldn't take them away, giving the excuse that they were heavy. The owner now keeps the big pigs inside the shed through the day and releases them at night."

M Pimple, assistant municipal commissioner, H-East Ward, said, "We have taken action against the owner of the cowshed. Our officers have picked up four-five pigs and fined the shed up to Rs 40,000. When we go to pick the animals up, we are accompanied by doctors, and we cannot be cruel to them. Hence, we could not pick them from their shed. We'll go back to get the big ones."