Some like it hot

Indo-Canadian adult film star Sunny Leone made a splash on Twitter for a while, following her grand entry into what is now known to all as the Bigg Boss house. She clearly impressed actor Kamaal R Khan, prompting him to tweet: 'I want to marry with Sunny so please somebody helps me for contact nos. of her parents [sic].' Someone using the handle Rofl Indian came up with this: 'How not to welcome Sunny Leone -- "Ah! I must have seen you somewhere!'" According to MTV India, 'Leone was a Penthouse magazine Pet. She is now going to be a Pent-up House Pet.' Also impressed was former MP Pritish Nandy: 'Sunny Leone, come and make Bigg Boss 5 exciting. I am sick of these hysterical women and twerps pretending to be men.'

If wishes were horses
What do women want? A number of people attempted answers to that tricky one, coming up with options like these: 'A guy who can be her boyfriend, best friend, brother and father at the same time', 'somebody who can make her laugh but still be serious enough to handle a relationship' and 'all the things men find so hard to give back -- trust, loyalty, respect and great orgasms.'

With a smile
'Whoever came up with this lame World Hello Day, my palm would like to say "Hello!" to your face.' That tweet, from a certain Nikki, came in the wake of a bizarre idea that involved people saying 'hello' to 10 people they didn't know. According to Ran Jeet, however, 'World Hello Day is for celebrities who live for themselves, by themselves and of themselves!'

The last word
From filmmaker Shekhar Kapur: 'I have no moral judgment on a porn star, just the intentions of the channel on what they expect of her and what message that gives on prime time.'

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