Some more fire-fighting

A fire in the Home Ministry prompted a flurry of conspiracy theories and other comments. Rubina Malik, for instance, reacted with this: ‘One who is unable to protect his office with proper safety measures is thinking about protecting the country.’ Dinesh Ghodke added: ‘I am sure bookies have started accepting bets on which important office the next fire will be at.’ There was this tweet from Rofl Indian: ‘North Block fire caused by short circuit. Whoa! Never knew Arshad Warsi had a dwarf look-alike!’ According to Meenakashi Lekhi, ‘Spring cleaning in the summer: Finance, Mantralaya, now Home Ministry cleaning up the mess. Fire is the purest element.’ And from Comedian Praveen: ‘Breaking: Rahul Gandhi’s birth certificate burnt in the fire. That was the only evidence of his age.’

In custody
The Delhi Police arrested suspected key 26/11 Mumbai attacks plotter Abu Hamza, making him a trending topic. Pranav Sapra tweeted: ‘That awkward moment when you realize it was easier for Kasab to find a partner (Hamza) as compared to Leander Paes finding one!’ Ken Ghosh added: ‘So, another guest of the state has been arrested.’ Doctor At Large tweeted: ‘In case you’re wondering who Hamza is, he’s just someone who is about to be addressed by Digvijay Singh as Abu Hamza Ji.’ And from India Review: ‘Hamza’s friends are relieved he got arrested for 26/11 terror attack. Could have been worse for him…like say falling down a borewell.’

On your plate
Aamir Khan’s TV show managed, again, to incite debate. This week, it was food adulteration. Angry Bombay Girl tweeted: ‘Alcohol does not contain pesticides. It contains happiness!’ Nilesh Ghai added: ‘Never mind what we eat, any workout afterwards should help us stay in shape.’

The last word
From his Holiness the Dalai Lama: ‘I am increasingly convinced that the time has come to find a way of thinking about spirituality and ethics beyond religion altogether.’

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