Looks like while the rest of the country is reeling under the scorching heat, Sonakshi Sinha is taking it quite easy. The actress, who has been shooting in Bhuj, Gujarat under extreme temperatures, has to put up with heavy costumes and ornate jewellery. Despite the adverse weather, Sona is trying to stay cool.

Sonakshi Sinha

A source says, “Sonakshi has some heavy-duty and colourful sarees to sport in the heat. Soon after her shots, she rushes to her van to avoid getting tanned. But she seems to be pretty chilled out about it.”

The hectic shoot schedule in Bhuj is taking a toll on the rest of the cast. The source adds, “It’s very hot and everyone wants to finish the shoot as quickly as possible and retire to the shades.”

Incidentally last year too, Sona was shooting under similar extreme weather in Oman.