Sonali loves her new role

Actor Sonali Kulkarni is a happy mom. "Kaveri is two months now. Her paediatrician is happy with her height and weight, touch wood. I feel it's a compliment for me," says Sonali with a laugh. The lady talks to CS about motherhood:

Baby boom
My life has changed a lot after Kaveri's birth. Throughout my life, I have been an organised and punctual person, but nowadays, I simply can't maintain a routine. Everything revolves around Kaveri's schedule. But she is a cheerful child, and doesn't give me unnecessary stress. I have even started venturing into the kitchen and going for walks.  

Loving it
Friends from the industry have poured in their good wishes and gifts for my baby. The fact that people are accepting actresses who are mothers is very heart-warming. I hope to get back to work in the next few months, I don't think I will take a year-long break. In the mean time, I have been busy shopping for Kaveri. I am very touchy about what she wears. As far as her room is concerned, I have ensured that it gets good sunlight and has a hint of greenery. 

Pregnant pause
I have also started writing my columns and articles. Writing completely rejuvenates me. I certainly wish to write a short book about pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a hilarious experience; everyone's giving you some advice or another!

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