Sonam Kapoor apparently kicked off her heels when she filmed her scenes with Neil Nitin Mukesh in her next, but put them back on for her shots with Junior B

It can perhaps be attributed to the male-dominated industry, but heroines can't be shown taller than the heroes. No surprise then that Sonam Kapoor had to discard her heels during her shoot with Neil Nitin Mukesh for Abbas Mustan's Players.

An insider in the unit reveals that the director-duo became aware of the difference in height between the two stars when they started the film's shoot in Goa.

"Sonam is a couple of inches taller than Neil. Considering the kind of scenes the two stars had in the movie, Abbas and Mustan felt that Neil couldn't look shorter. So to minimise the height difference, they suggested that Sonam shoot her scenes without wearing heels," recalls our source.

However, when it came to shooting her scenes with Abhishek Bachchan, she would get back into her heels. "Because if Sonam wore flat shoes in her scenes with Abhi, she would look a lot more shorter than him than she actually is," reveals our source.

The shoe issue, however, did not lead to any ego hassle. As our source says, "In fact, Abhi, Neil and Sonam got along like a house on fire. More so, since they've known each other since their childhood. The difference in height is a very insignificant issue."