Sonam Kapoor to act in Mehra's mythological thriller?

Sonam earlier worked with Mehra in 'Delhi 6' and 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag'. It was rumoured that Sonam might do Mehra's 'Mirza Sahiban', but it is not so.

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

Mehra is working on another film 'Raja Aur Krishna Ki Bansuri' and Sonam might be a part of this project. "I am going to work with him in another film but that's not the film ('Mirza Sahiban') I am working on," Sonam said.

Reportedly, the film set in the 1920s is a mythical thriller centred on a hunt for Krishna's flute. It will be made simultaneously in English and Hindi. The Hindi version will be called 'Raja Aur Krishna Ki Bansuri'. Even Mehra recently denied making 'Mirza Sahiban' with Sonam.

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