Akshay wants Sonu Sood to relinquish his rights over a hit Tamil song, but the Dabangg actor stands his ground

As it emerges, actor Sonu Sood, who turned producer with the film Lucky Unlucky, hasn't quite relinquished the rights to the Hindi remake of the Tamil song Appadi Podu.

Earlier, news reports had stated that Sood had secured the rights to a remake of the Tamil song from its composers, while Akshay Kumar got the go ahead for a similar Hindi remake from the music company Sony which had produced the song. Kumar's office employees had then requested Sood to relinquish his rights, so that Kumar could go ahead with his remake.

According to a source, "Sonu was horrified when the caller from Akshay's office said Akshay had bought the remake rights of Appadi Podu. Everything, except the recording itself, was ready. The lyrics, the tune, even the singer had been decided upon."

The source added that while Sood was willing to let go off the rights, his Lucky Unlucky team, especially its lead actress Mallika Sherawat, wasn't. Sood will now apparently go ahead with his own remake, while Kumar will produce his.  He said, "Mallika and Sonu had already practiced their steps for the Hindi version of the song. Lucky Unlucky's team was simply not as willing as Sonu to let the song go."

When contacted, Sood said, "I'm the last person who would want a confrontation with Akshay. I was willing to give the song's rights to him. But people close to me are possessive about it and want me to go ahead with my own version."