Residents in the United States have always had 911 to call when in trouble. Ruing the fact that there is no helpline to dial for your safety in India? Perhaps it's time to put your fancy phone to use. Instead of going overboard with trivial downloads and applications, check out the Eyewatch application.

Eyewatch is a mobile phone application, which works on Blackberrys, Androids and select Nokia Smart phones. Through this app, you feed in a few numbers of those you might want to contact when in an emergency: these contacts could include your doctor, lawyer and family members.
In case you're faced with an emergency, all you need to do is click a button through your app and Eyewatch will send multiple alerts through messages and emails to your selected numbers.

Apart from alerts, it also sends across conversation that you have had prior to clicking on the button, along with an automatically generated video or photograph stream.
Along with this, your location is tracked, even in a moving vehicle, or in a building, where you don't have GPS. The sent data is uploaded to a secure server that can be viewed by your family or the people mentioned as your emergency contacts.

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