Soul searching in the Mumbai

Apr 20, 2012, 06:32 IST | Soma Das

Living life in a chaotic and fast-paced city, its easy to miss the subtle nuances and the details. In January this year, art project on public spaces, titled (en)counters — land(of)mine, had used installations and performances to explore the notions of land and ideas of home, property, belonging and ownership in Mumbai.

An installation where people place rose petals over soil to signify the symbiotic relationship between nature and the environment

As an extension of that project, Studio X at Fort is organising an exhibition entitled Trespassers Only which will feature works by artists Tushar Joag, Sharmila Samant and Uday Shanbag among others which will offer new ways of imagining the urban space and reclaiming it. There will also be an open disscussion titled Opening Spaces in the City:

Sites/ Contexts/ Dialogues featuring Amrita Gupta Singh (Mohile Parikh Centre), Claudio Maffioletti and Leandre D’Souza (ArtOxygen), Darryl D’Monte (journalist, environmentalist), Kaiwan Mehta (Center for the Study of Culture and Society) and Zasha Colah (Clark House) along with the artists. Some of the topics to be tabled include the values we attach to the idea of land, how we adapt to the places we live in and how they shape our identities.

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