Jagjit Singh, apparently, was not in a condition to even speak to his family a few days before his death

He regaled fans for decades with his melodious voice. Ironically, the last few days of his life were spent in silence.

According to doctors treating Jagjit Singh, the Ghazal King (as he was fondly referred to) was never conscious enough to speak to anyone, neither his friends nor his family, during the last few days of his life.

On Monday morning, the singer suffered a cardio respiratory arrest. Doctors tried to resuscitate him, but were unsuccessful. 

At 8.10am, he was declared dead. "He had improved a little the last few days, and we even put him off the ventilator for a brief period.
However, he remained unconscious all the time," informs a senior doctor who was treating him.

Singh was rushed to Lilavati Hospital in the wee hours of September 23 after suffering from a brain hemorrhage at his residence.

In a three-hour-long procedure, doctors operated the singer for a clot in his brain. Post operation his condition remained critical. In fact, doctors performed a second decompression procedure in order to relax the brain.

The intensive care unit doctors broke the news to his wife Chitra, who has been at the maestro's side ever since he was hospitalised.
The hospital has issued a statement saying that Singh died of brain hemorrhage and terminal cardio-respiratory failure.

Santoor player Shivkumar Sharma said,  "One era of ghazal sangeet is over after his death. God had given him a great voice.

After the start of violent movies, the importance of music and poetry went out of movies, but Jagjit filled this void. His voice will remain alive.''