Special school in UK called 'Isis Academy' forced to change name

Feb 10, 2016, 08:26 IST | Agencies

London: A special school in the UK called 'The Isis Academy' has been forced to change its name after jibes about pupils being trained as 'terrorists'.

A screenshot of the school’s website.
A screenshot of the school’s website.

The school in Oxford, which was named three years ago, was named after a part of the River Thames, which flows nearby and is known as 'The Isis'.

However, the academy has now been renamed as 'The Iffley Academy' to avoid confusion with the ISIS , following a series of “negative comments” online, the Daily Express reported.

Headteacher Kay Willett said, “Anybody who did not know the nature of the school would make comments like 'are you training the children to be terrorists?'”

The 132-pupil special school, whose pupils have a range of disabilities and mental health needs, was known as Iffley Mead School until it became an academy three years ago.

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