Sport a condom, on the outside

This one isn't the type you'd hush about, but sport at a party. Heel condoms are one of the several things this new website has on offer

There's no reason to be embarrassed while ordering this condom. This one is for your pumps, and we spotted it at a new website called While this definitely remains the highlight of our virtual shopping tour, there is a lot more on offer on the site.
Claiming to be India's largest online shoe store, this one certainly spoils you for choices. The categories are simplified into Men's, Women's and Kids.

You also get to choose on the basis of brands and styles (scroll down to the bottom of the website for this option). Also, look out for the sale and the clearance section that have items  at near throwaway prices.

The range in each of the sections is exhaustive and you are sure to find the most popular sportswear brands along with the luxe ones. Think flip flops, boots, and customary floaters all the way to wedges, strappy footwear and heels.
The heels form a major section of the site and the heel condom section is what will catch the attention of all and sundry almost instantly. We discovered flashy attachments that can be fixed on to your pumps and promise to give them the much needed facelift.

The website is user friendly and even the most technically challenged amongst us would find their way to the perfect shoe. Payment options go beyond the regular credit and debit cards. They accept cash on delivery, with an added charge of course.

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