Sports to her rescue

Whenever work gets too hectic, I like to de-stress by listening to some great music. If possible, I just love to attend live concerts that take place around town or wherever I am.

Durga Jasraj, anchor and music promoter

Through great music, I get great learning and I feel spiritually connected. The divinity in music makes you a sensitive and a better human being.

My recipe to unwind is to read. And to tell you the truth, MiD day's crossword has me hooked on to it. I solve it daily at night before I go off to sleep.

However, it might be a little unbelievable coming from me, but my favourite past-time is to watch sports. I like watching cricket and tennis on the television.

What I've learnt from watching sports is that it is great to win, but when you lose, you should take that in your stride too. Losing makes you introspective and helps make changes in your performance for the better. I like to imbibe that in whatever I do.




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