Sports ministry urges help for troubled boxer Rishu

New Delhi: The sports ministry on Thursday urged the Haryana government, Sports Authority of India (SAI) and Boxing India (BI) to financially help troubled woman pugilist Rishu Mittal.

Rishu is a state-level gold medallist boxer but recent media reports revealed that she has been forced to work as a domestic help to earn her livelihood.

"Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has urged the Government of Haryana, SAI and BI to examine the matter of boxer Rishu Mittal and explore the possibilities of helping her to pursue a career in boxing," said a sports ministry release.

"The communication has been sent after reports recently appearing in a section of media have stated that champion Haryana boxer Rishu Mittal is working as housemaid for livelihood."

She won gold in a state-level championship and also represented Haryana at the national championships in December last year.

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