'Spring Breakers' turned Selena Gomez into risk-taker

Gomez, 21, who started her career with children's shows like "Barney and Friends" and "Wizards of Waverly Place", donned a bold look for the movie, giving herself an image makeover.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez. Pic/Santa Banta

"This opened my eyes and made me more comfortable in taking risks. It also changed people’s perception in Hollywood. I think it’s exciting to throw people off, so I like it," quoted Gomez as saying.

"'Spring Breakers' helps me not be afraid. Like I said, I’m generally very tentative and over-thinking, but this movie made me push myself," she added.

The actress is now looking forward to do something out of the box.

"I'm excited just to look at what's out there and take the next step and do a couple of different roles - whatever they are," she said. 

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