In a suicide bid that shocked people gathered at Raghuleela Mall in Vashi, a 20-year-old man jumped off the third floor after a girl turned down his love proposal.

The incident in question took place around noon on Thursday, and the youth has been identified as Gulam Hussain. As per reports, he is a resident of Govandi, and runs a tailoring shop. Hussain has been admitted to KEM Hospital in Parel with multiple fractures, and his condition is said to be serious.

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Raghuleela Mall. File pic

As per media reports, the man had been after the girl, who is his neighbour, for a few months, but she repeatedly snubbed him. But, Hussain did not give up, and made another try on Thursday.

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The two meet at Raghuleela mall, where Hussain again proposed to her. But, her reply was the same, and this led to a fight between the two. After his latest attempt also failed, he decided to jump off the mall.

While falling, Hussain hit a light pole, which aggravated his injuries. After being initially rushed to the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Hospital, he was then transferred to KEM.