Sridevi plays the perfect bahu

The actor insists on staying put at her marital home after father-in-law's demise, despite a history of cold relations and carrying the label of home-breaker

Even as the death of Mansoor Ali Khan 'Tiger' Pataudi shocked the Bollywood fraternity on September 22, another demise was mourned away from the public eye. Producer Bonny Kapoor's father, and actor Sridevi's father-in-law, Surinder Kapoor passed away on September 24. But the bereavement has brought the family closer, and Kapoor and Sridevi, who had initially kept away from the family home after the two were married in 1996, will now stay with Kapoor's mother.

Sridevi, we heard, has insisted on staying at her in-law's home to lend emotional support to her mother-in-law. After Kapoor passed away, Sridevi played the perfect hostess and looked after the house, even as the family members were going through the crisis.

In happier times: Surinder Kapoor (left) with Sridevi and Boney Kapoor

Sridevi married Kapoor in 1996, but his parents continued to support Kapoor's first wife, Mona. The re-establishment of cordial relations began a few years ago, after Mona moved out of the Kapoor bungalow.
Says a family friend, "Mona moved out with Boney's son, Arjun into her own pad in Juhu. That's when Sridevi insisted on moving in with Boney's parents."

According to the friend, Sridevi has made it clear that she and Kapoor will be staying on at the Kapoor bungalow, with their children. Says  the friend, "The Kapoors' bungalow is really sprawling. There's not enough room for Boney and Sri's daughters to have separate bedrooms. The two have to share a room. But Sri is determined to keep the family together. Sri has resented the homebreaker label. She was determined to prove herself a homemaker. And she has done it."

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