SRK's changing schedule leaves traffic cops fuming

Oct 17, 2011, 06:40 IST | Sheetal Sukhija
While diehard King Khan fans waited patiently for their hero to visit the city to promote his upcoming movie Ra.One yesterday morning, the city traffic police were put through hours of torture because of the star's ever-changing schedule.

According to the original itinerary, Shah Rukh Khan was to visit Royal Meenakshi Mall on Banneragatta Road by 11 am, for which over 30 police personnel had been deployed in the vicinity since 7 am to manage traffic and ensure the event went smoothly.

Actor Shahrukh Khan perched atop a car during the promotion of
Ra.One outside Royal Meenakshi Mall yesterday

However, the cops were in for a surprise as it was suddenly decided that his visit would be postponed for 6.30 pm instead.

Police officials, blissfully unaware of the change, continued to regulate traffic on the stretch and keep a vigil. Meanwhile, plans were changed three times in all, and several officials complained that they were left quite confused.

"First and foremost, we were not aware of this program. When we were finally informed, we immediately designated our officials and laid down an elaborate plan to secure the area to avoid any untoward incident.

However, the organisers kept changing plans and there was minimal communication with us," said M A Saleem, ACP (Traffic).

False start
The cops' woes did not end there and the same personnel were ordered to move near Jayadeva Hospital, where former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa is admitted and is being visited by a steady entourage of ministers and well-wishers.

The cops further complained that their day started off with excitement and anticipation of catching a glimpse of the star, but the chaotic traffic at the hospital because of the high-profile visitors did not go down well.

"We were specially assigned to ensure SRK's visit went well, but were forced to look at ministers carrying flowers and fruits instead," said a traffic constable at the start of Banneragatta Road stretch.

SRK's schedule had one last change and he eventually made an appearance at 5 pm.

The weary cops were finally relieved at 9 pm an hour after the star left the venue and his fans cleared the area and headed home without so much as a wave from SRK after spending hours to ensure all went well.

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