After the arrest of the principal of Priyadarshini School, Mangesh Ramesh Lad, for his involvement in the Algebra paper leak case, the motive of both the father of the student and the principal has come to light. Lad revealed that he promised the student’s father every question paper, except Hindi.

Uday Kadam Mangesh Ramesh Lad
Uday Kadam and Mangesh Ramesh Lad

The crime branch, while interrogating the constable and father of the student, Uday Kadam, found that his son was not interested in studies and couldn’t pass exams. He therefore decided to get question papers in advance for him so that he could pass his SSC papers.

He approached the principal of the Priyadarshini High School, Mangesh Ramesh Lad, and introduced himself as a member of the Anti Terrorism Cell (ATC). Lad did not charge Kadam any money, just the assurance that the cop would help him in case of any need.

Based on Kadam’s statements last Monday, police arrested the principal on Friday night. Lad said that he helped the student’s father so that he could boast his contacts in front of the school’s trustees by getting easy permission for annual day celebrations. Kadam, with the help of the principal, would get the question paper for his son an hour before every exam.