Thanks to the delay in declaring SSC results, the helplines started by the divisional boards and various NGOS in the city have been flooded with calls from the anxious students and their parents.

SSC RESULTS at 13.00 hrs! Check Maharashtra Board's 2014 SSC results here

Those attending the calls said some of the commonest queries they answered were related to timings of the result, procedure for securing Std XI admission and career options in case of a poor result.

Balasaheb Hyalij, counselor with Mumbai division board, said, “The day HSC results were announced, we received calls from anxious SSC students and a few parents inquiring about the date of their results.

But the inflow of calls reduced once the state board announced the date (June 17). We are expecting numerous calls once the SSC results are announced, especially from students seeking revaluation as well as photocopies of their answer sheets.”

Malini Shah, a senior counselor at Astha Chrysalis Foundation, said, “Over a period of time, the students have been becoming more pro-active.

Instead of getting nervous, they want know about possible alternatives if they do not fare well in exams. These days students are taking their results, even if bad, quite positively.”