Staged Abduction? Vasai woman and her 'kidnapper' traced to Punjab

Police say that prima facie the entire kidnapping appears staged; however, the ‘victim’ Shilpa Berma’s husband feels his wife was really abducted

Twelve days after her alleged kidnapping brought the entire police force in Vasai on its toes, cops have traced Shilpa Berma and the man who kidnapped her, to Ludhiana, Punjab. Cops said that the duo has been taken into custody and prima facie it seems that the entire story was concocted. However, her husband seems to disagree, and feels that his wife was abducted.

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The kidnapper made Shilpa Berma and her friend drive around Gokul Township for an hour and a half, before asking Berma to take the car to Dongarpada, 3 km away. File pics
The kidnapper made Shilpa Berma and her friend drive around Gokul Township for an hour and a half, before asking Berma to take the car to Dongarpada, 3 km away. File pics

Confirming the reports, additional superintendent Srikrishna Kokate said, “Berma and the man who had allegedly kidnapped her have been traced in another state. Prima facie it doesn’t look like she was kidnapped. If the story turns out to be concocted, those involved in it will be charged.”

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Shilpa Berma
Shilpa Berma

40-year-old Shilpa Berma was allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint in Vasai on February 3, following a road rage incident. Berma’s friend Nupurkumari Shrivastava had then registered an FIR stating that Berma had accidentally hit a pedestrian, who in turn forced her to come with him at gunpoint. Over 50 policemen had been searching for Berma and her alleged kidnapper, who was armed, according to Berma’s friend Shrivastava.

“There is a possibility that the woman who accompanied Berma was not a part of the conspiracy. Things will be clear once Berma will is brought back to Vasai and investigated,” Kokate added.

The police will be bringing the duo to Arnala in a couple of days. “Berma has been found with her kidnapper. We will find out the lady’s [Shrivastava’s] role once they are in our custody. If we find her involvement in the case, then we will book her as well. We are conducting the investigation and the truth should be out soon”, said another officer.

Husband says
Berma’s husband is, however, dissatisfied with the investigation. He said, “I am not satisfied with the investigation. It is a kidnapping, because if she decided to go with someone willingly then she would have taken her jewellery and cash with her, but nothing is missing from the house.”

He added, “The cops are also not sharing anything with me, which is ridiculous. One woman was kidnapped in Delhi and the cops traced her within 24 hours, but my wife is in the clutches of kidnappers from the last 12 days, but the cops have completely failed to trace them. It shows how serious they are about the case.”

Kanpur deja vu
Preliminary investigations have revealed that the Kanpur railway police had also registered a case of Berma’s kidnapping in 2013. Four days later, she was found in the same area from where she was allegedly kidnapped. The police said she was found with a man, and the Kanpur police had registered a case of kidnapping against him, after Berma said in her statement that he had spiked her drink and kidnapped her.



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