Stand-up-comedians to host the first edition of 'Kem Chho Mumbai' today

Six comics from Vadodara and Mumbai come together to crack you up at a Gujarati-themed stand-up showcase

Manan Desai
Manan Desai

In a video uploaded on YouTube, Manan Desai talks about Gujaratis' obsession with America. "When the world was gripped by Swine Flu fever, Gujaratis thought H1N1 is a new visa that we should get," says the Vadodara-bred stand-up comic. In another clip, comedian Chirayu Mistry presents a long set in his mother tongue, Gujarati, with a twang et al. The duo, along with two other Vadodara-based stand-up comics, Aariz Saiyed and Deep Vaidya, and city-based Aakash Mehta and Ojas Rawal will be in town this evening for the first edition of Kem Chho Mumbai, a bilingual show themed on the state and its majority community.

Aariz Saiyed
Aariz Saiyed

"The show goes beyond the regular stereotypes associated with Gujaratis. Instead, we will share funny experiences of growing up in Gujarati households," says Desai. The group will also use Improv and musical comedy in the act. The latter will be performed by Saiyed, who will also share his experiences of being a Muslim in Gujarat. "We want to make the show inclusive," shares Desai, citing an instance from his last show, A-Shudh Gujarati, where youngsters weren't able to decipher vocabulary like sandarbh (context) and chokkas (definitely).

ON: Today, 6 pm
AT: Canvas Laugh Club, Palladium Mall, Lower Parel.
COST: Rs 500

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