Stand-up comedy show looks at the world of big, bad ads

Jan 19, 2017, 08:33 IST | Shraddha Uchil

A stand-up show looks at the profession, and all that is wrong with it

(From left) Andy Reghu, Punit Pania, and Sriraam Padmanabhan of Chalta Hai Comedy

“SAY what you want about cigarettes, it’s the only product which delivers exactly what it says on the packet,” begins Sriraam Padmanabhan. Anand Reghu adds, “Advertising taught me that all my problems can be solved by cornflakes, or cheese. The trouble is that I am lactose intolerant.” The two are part of a trio that will be hosting Badvertising, a stand-up and sketch special on everything that is wrong with advertising.

Presented by Chalta Hai Comedy, which organises concept shows, featured shows and open mics across the city, the upcoming event will also have founder Punit Pania taking the stage with Padmanabhan and Reghu. The trio refers to itself as “media and marketing professionals gone rogue.”

Pania explains the concept of the show, “It is unique it’s not just a simple stand-up event. We’ll be showing you some ads, and then doing a sketch around these. From shaadi ads to teleshopping and now the ads you see online, we’ll poke fun at everything. It’s our take on how ads work or, rather, don’t work.”

“Online ads are everywhere. Papad bechne wala bhi Facebook pe ad daal raha hai (even someone who sells papad is placing ads for it). In the Facebook world, every citizen will soon become a walking-talking advertisment of a vague idea about himself,” adds Pania. This will be the 12th edition of Badvertising, one of Chalta Hai Comedy’s longest running shows.

On: Today, 9 pm
At: Three Wise Monkeys, The Unicontinental, 3rd Road, Khar (W).
Call: 65610325 (reservations)

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