And are looking more and more gorgeous with every passing year

Take a look at these now-famous Bollywood superstars. Do you remember how they looked when they started out?

Slideshow: Bollywood makeovers

These are the snapshots they would probably hate to see today. They would prefer to let them fade away as well as in people's memory.




Recall Karisma Kapoor's fuzzy hair for her debut flick Prem Qaidi along with those extra bushy eyebrows?

Fuzzy mane
Or Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan's dishevelled flowing manes? Or perhaps Salman Khan before he went on a beefing up look? And Kajol's joint eyebrows?

Shilpa Shetty before her nose job (she has confessed to it!) during Baazigar. Also Raveena Tandon's fringe look. The list is endless...

Image makeover
They may disown these snapshots today and with good reason. These stars do look like a million bucks now.

Their metamorphosis over the years whether due to sweating it out at the gym or by going under the knife has been noteworthy. They may be ageing with grace, make that with amazing grace.