After schools complained about errors cropping up in the pre-lists sent to them by the state board for Std X and Std XII board examinees for the second year running, the Mumbai division board has blamed the schools for not providing candidate information correctly. The board has also warned schools to be more careful, or face action the next year.

Students can expect to receive their hall tickets for the SSC and HSC exams by mid-February, said state board officials. Representation pic
Students can expect to receive their hall tickets for the SSC and HSC exams by mid-February, said state board officials. Representation pic

Every year, schools register their SSC and HSC students for examinations by filling up an online application form provided by the board. Based on this, the board sends pre-lists to schools before the final hall tickets are printed. This year, complaints range from missing photographs of students, errors in their names, and wrong selection of subjects.

According to the board, the onus of these mistakes is on the schools, since it is they who entered the students’ details. “Till last year, schools used to blame us for everything. This year, the process of filling in information of Std X and Std XII students for registration was done online.

It clearly shows that errors took place at the time of uploading information by the school authorities,” said Laxmikant Pande, chairman of the Mumbai divisional board. He added that schools have made silly mistakes such as spelling students’ names wrong or not uploading the correct dimension of photograph.

“Most of these errors could have been avoided. We have now made changes in the pre-lists and sent the information for printing hall tickets. There should be no problem,” added Pande. Last week, schools had complained that the pre-list had as many as 21,000 errors across the Mumbai division.

“Most of these errors can be attributed to the schools. Many schools employ inexperienced people for such jobs, which leads to silly mistakes,” said Uday Nare, a board member and a teacher of Hansraj Morarji Public School in Andheri (West). The notice sent by board clearly states that such errors will not be accepted henceforth.

“The entire aim behind taking this process online was to minimise errors and make the work easier for schools as well as the board. Next year onwards, schools will get to conduct this process of getting hall tickets all by themselves, and there will be no need for pre-lists.

We can’t afford to have such errors then,” said Pande. He added that schools have been warned that any such errors in the future will be punished either with a fine or an inquiry will be conducted and action will be taken accordingly. Since the exams are scheduled to begin in the last week of February for Std XII and the beginning of March for Std X, students should receive their hall tickets by mid-February, stated board officials.