State of decline

The news reports about the proceedings in the recent state cabinet meetings only exposes that something is very wrong on the Democratic Front. Take the example of the last two meetings, in which the state industrial policy was discussed and ‘approved’.

The cabinet meeting held on January 2 revealed NCP’s strong opposition to the decision taken to make 40 per cent land pool available for real estate development, which they claim would allow private players to earn crores of unfair profit. Congress did its best to clarify its stance, but the seeds of doubt have already been sown in the public mind. NCP raised the issue again at the cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Almost as if in retaliation, Industries Minister and Congress man Narayan Rane blamed the home department for the state’s poor rate of conviction for crimes. The subsequent heated exchange between him and the state’s home minister R R Patil once again exposed that the rot has reached far too deep in the alliance.

Patil not only defended the home department’s performance under him, but claimed that it was interference of the legal and judiciary department now under the CM, a Congress man that was responsible for poor performance. He went to the extent of revealing ‘recommendation’ letters sent to him by his cabinet colleagues on specific names for certain posts.

He asked if he was expected to tour the state with a baton in his hand to improve the police department’s performance. He claimed that he didn’t have the power to transfer and appoint police officers as files are routed through the CM, which often keeps them pending.

Such exasperation reveals that matters of the state have reached a new low. At Mantralaya it’s the utter lack of trust and cooperation between Congress and NCP, the two parties in power, that is crippling the state’s growth. They can’t, carry on like this for long. And they shouldn’t, for the sake of the honest taxpayer. 



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