State terminates 265 striking doctors citing 'breach of contract'

Jul 07, 2014, 07:10 IST | A Correspondent

The Public Health Department has terminated the services of 265 medical doctors, who were employed on contract basis, citing “breach of contract”.

These doctors are among the 12,000 medical officers of Maharashtra Association of Gazetted Medical Officers (MAGMO) who have been on indefinite strike since July 1 and have threatened mass resignation.

Principal Secretary, Public Health Department, Sujata Saunik, said, “The contracts of these doctors have been terminated with immediate effect.

They had entered the strike in solidarity with permanent doctors since July 1.” Around 6,665 doctors have demanded to be paid Rs 1 lakh a month, in line with central government scheme of Dynamic Assured Career Progression, (DACP) implemented in other states.

However, the state considers this demand difficult to meet, as it would require an additonal Rs 1,784 crore in the health department’s budget.

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