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Sep 08, 2011, 07:49 IST | Akshata Shetty

It's time to move over the good ol' Salsa and shake a leg to some new dance styles. Celebrity dance choreographers Shiamak Davar, Rocky Poonawala and Sandip Soparrkar have introduced  new moves in their schools, finds out Akshata Shetty

Do the Bachata with Sandip Soparrkar
Cuban-Salsa professional Sandip Soparrkar feels that people have lost interest in Salsa and are looking forward to some new dance styles. So this season, he will be introducing Bachata and West Coast Swing dance styles in his school.

"Earlier, people used to feel Salsa is the ultimate dance style, but now they are being open to learning new forms. Bachata and West Coast Swing are simple dance forms and we will be teaching the authentic style," expresses Soparrkar.

He adds, "West Coast Swing is very similar to Jive and Rock n Roll. Though the latter involves going away from the partner during the routine dance, in the former, partners have to move in sync."

As for Bachata, he believes that it is very sensuous dance, involving a lot of hip movement. It is a combination of Meringue with a Madhuri Dixit tadka. 
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Have fun with Hip-Hop, the Shaimak way
"Dance enthusiasts want to have a global perspective on dance today. With reality shows, internet and films, there is greater awareness on various dance styles.

Hip-Hop has the biggest influence today and  I've got so many requests from students to have a workshop for this," says veteran dance professional Shiamak Davar.

According to Davar, students in this city are extremely open to learning new styles. "This short term sampler for Hip Hop, Krumping, Locking & Popping and lyrical Hip Hop is on popular demand from students in Pune. I aim to give the best knowledge and training to my students."

Lyrical  Hip-Hop became popular after it was seen on the very famous dance show So You Think You Can Dance.
In Locking & Popping, Locking is more playful and character driven whereas Popping is more illusory. Krumpin is a street dance characterised by free, expressive, exaggerated and highly energetic movements and acts as a great stress buster.
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Learn Argentine Tango with Rocky Poonawala
Celebritiy choreographer Rocky Poonawala will be introducing a boot camp where he will be teaching Argentine Tango.

According to him, the USP of the dance style is that it involves a lot of passion and you need to understand the music played to which you will groove. He assures that the dance will be taught to make it socially viable.

"We will concentrate on the basics and will make it a fun session for our learners. This dance form is very different from Rumba and Cha-Cha where there is a fixed routine.

Argentine Tango is social and is often performed at social nights across the world." Head to the academy today, to get your moves right.
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