'Steven gives you enough space to work...'

HitList speaks to Jeremy Irvine who makes his feature film debut with 'War Horse' as Albert Narracott

What was it like to work with Steven Spielberg?
What's fantastic about Steven is that he gives you enough space to work and have your own margins of experimentation on things. Everything that Steven Spielberg does has realism to it.

How did you get to audition for the film?
It was very funny actually, because I signed with a new agent and I think the War Horse audition was one of the first things they got me. I took some more riding lessons. In the end, it paid off.

Did anything interesting happen during the auditions?
One session was on the farm to see how comfortable I was, I guess. I was quite lucky because I actually grew up with horses living behind my house when I was very young. I'd never really ridden them, but I wasn't terrified of them.

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