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Feb 02, 2012, 07:29 IST | Lindsay Pereira
Cricket was, surprisingly, still on a lot of minds as the first T20 international, Australia versus India, kicked off. The game didn't make many happy. As Harshad Apte put it: 'Team India has befuddled critics who are now wondering whether T20 is to blame for our Test performance or if it is the other way round.' In AmreekanDesi's words: 'The good thing is India can't lose by an innings.' Raj Waghray weighed in with this: 'So what if it is T20, we will still not bat the 20 overs.' And from James Macpherson: 'T20 is for people who don't mind a smattering of cricket with their pop songs, dancers, fire show, group singing and Adams Family theme music.'

Out of luck
The Income Tax Department conducted searches at the premises of prominent Uttar Pradesh-based liquor baron Ponty Chadha, making him a hot topic of discussion. Kamlesh Singh tweeted: 'Many refer to Chadha as Mayawati's man. Not true. Ponty has his men and women. Maya is just one of them, like it or not.' In Shiv Aroor's words: 'Without Chadha, UP is a dry state, boss.' And from Vinayak Bhushan: 'Ponty Chadha sounds like a fraud's name, but the man serves millions of people in desperate times.'

New beginnings
For reasons unknown, the words 'Hi February' clogged timelines for a while as people welcomed the first day of the month. There were some voices of sanity though, like Nien Nunb who tweeted: 'I bet people who type Hi February and Bye January actually expect the month to respond. Morons.' And Tim Roberts: 'Hi February is trending. If you feel the need to say hello to a month, your life must be desolate, desperate and over.'
The last word
From filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma: 'I pray to all Gods so as to not take a chance on which God will be up there.'

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