Residents of P D'mello road aren't just worried about the potholes in their locality, but open manholes as well.

Around 25 sewage lids have been stolen, making a simple walk down the road hazardous.

Resident of P D'mello road have written a letter (copy with MiD DAY) to wards A, B and E of the BMC and police stations of Byculla, Dongri and MRA Marg, as the lids were stolen from areas under their jurisdiction.

Cops have demanded that the complainants be physically present to point out the stolen covers.

Complainant Afzal Khan said, "More and more lids are being stolen. How could this happen when beat marshals are on patrol? The lids that were stolen were public property, and thus the cops should lodge FIRs themselves."
Padmakar Juikar, senior police inspector of MRA Marg police station, said, "The complainant should be present physically, and point out the spots. There are other priorities, such as the many terror threats that have been issued since the blast."

P Kadam, Chief Engineer Sewerage Projects, said, "I cannot comment on the matter, but the police should lodge an FIR."

Several attempts to get in touch with DMC Milin Sawant, in charge of wards A, B, C, D and E proved futile.