Q. I am 23 years old and have a strange liking for diapers. I wish I could go back to being a baby, to leave my stressful life behind.
A. Let me get this straight. You, at 23, are so stressed that you want to go back to being a completely dependent human being who must be fed and changed by a parent who, I must point out, has probably spent the last 23 years waiting for you to grow into an independent human being. The diaper fetish isn't a problem, because you can always wear an adult diaper to work if that makes you happy; what's worrying is how you prefer a life that is seemingly devoid of responsibilities, but also a life that is devoid of everything the world can offer you as an adult, if you choose to embrace its possibilities. You need to look at the things you have, instead of romanticising a period of your life that began and ended with a meal or a nap.

Q. I have been in a relationship for the last four years. It was good until now, but I think he has changed a lot. His behaviour and everything about him has changed. He never used to shout at me or stop me from anything, but is suddenly more possessive. He now gets angry when I meet old buddies. Do you think I should back off from this relationship?
A. Some men have always been possessive, thanks to the mistaken belief that they own the women in their lives. I blame Bollywood movies from the '70s for this. If your partner hasn't been affected by this delusion until now, there's probably hope for him yet. You should sit down and get him to understand the notion of personal space and a life beyond your life with him. If he gets it, all will be well. If he doesn't, you are condemning yourself to a life that won't really be yours until he grants you permission. Why should anyone settle for that?