Fifteen years on and Vinod Kambli is still crying over India's loss in the 1996 World Cup semi-final against Sri Lanka at Kolkata.

Kambli sent shock waves through the doors of India's cricketing citadel on Thursday evening when he said on a news channel that he found something fishy in India's reply (120) to Sri Lanka's score of 251 for eight in 50 overs.

There is no doubt that captain Mohammed Azharuddin's decision to field first backfired, but he and the think tank, took into consideration Sri Lanka's great ability to chase targets with explosive batters like Sanath Jayasuriya, Romesh Kaluwitharana and Aravinda de Silva. Moreover, the Sri Lankans were in such great rhythm that they could win from any situation.

To be fair, Kambli was distraught on that dark night for Indian cricket, because India couldn't force their way into the final. His tearful act back to the pavilion was not exactly straight out of a Bollywood flick, although Kambli made an appearance on the silver screen later in his career (he only retired a few months ago, if one can call it a retirement).

What probably Kambli doesn't realise is that he is doubting the integrity of his former teammates by airing his views now. Doubtless, he won't be able to maintain the same relations with them. Plus, they may have good reason to drag him to court. It is no secret that Kambli's cricket suffered because of his extravagant ways. He should take a good look at himself first rather than blame other aspects.

At a time when he should be looking at a serious career in the media, he has displayed his good old gregarious ways which may seem popular now, but not in the long-term. But then, perspective and Vinod Kambli have never gone hand in hand.